Instructions for use

Before using the BiteStrip, please read the instructions carefully and follow step by step. Do not pause in-between steps.

1. Just before going to bed, wash your face with soap and water, then dry well.
Men should shave. Do not apply any facial cosmetics.

2. Remove all contents from the box. Open the wrapper to remove the BiteStrip and the green sticker.

3. Take one of the alcohol pads from its wrapper, and wipe the display area
(Figure 1). The red light may turn on temporarily.

4. Peel the green sticker from its white cover and attach it firmly to the display area (Figure 2). The red light will turn on again (Figure 3).

5. Place your hand on your left cheek and clench your teeth tightly together to find where the jaw muscle contracts. This is where the BiteStrip should be placed. Wipe area with the second alcohol pad provided.

6. Peel the protective cover from the back of the BiteStrip and apply it firmly to your cheek (Figure 4). The red light will turn off after a few seconds.

7. Facing a mirror, bite the spatula with your left molars as hard as you can for two seconds and then relax (Figure 5). Repeat procedure two more times. The red light will blink each time. If light does not blink whilst clenching, carefully remove and reposition the BiteStrip

8. The BiteStrip should be worn for a minimum of 5 hours

9. In the morning, gently remove the BiteStrip from your face. Ensure that the green sticker is still in place and firmly attached.

10. Return the BiteStrip to your doctor as soon as possible.

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