Introduction: The SleepStrip®

Sleep apnea is a serious medical disorder, affecting 4% of men and 2% of women. It is
characterized by repetitive reductions of airflow during sleep due to the collapse of the
pharyngeal airway, causing loud snoring, brief awakenings, hypoxemia and elevated
blood pressure. Millions of apnea patients suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness,
headaches and hypertension. There is growing evidence that chronic sleep apnea
runs in families, and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Sleep apnea
is relatively unknown, with only about 15% diagnosed so far.

Sleep apnea can only be diagnosed by a sleep study, costing anywhere from $600 to $1500.
Unattended ambulatory studies, which are considered least expensive, are often unreliable.
There is therefore a need for a low-cost screening device, which may help screen the general
population and locate potential patients, while at the same time helping to minimize unnecessary and expensive studies.

The FDA and CE approved SleepStrip® is a disposable home screening test for sleep apnea.
Several research studies have shown that its indications correlate well with those of formal
sleep studies. It is now available through health-care providers worldwide at a low price to the public as a self-administered test.

Relevant patents have been applied for and granted and clinical studies performed in renowned
sleep labs have proven its accuracy and effectiveness. Similar screening devices for other medical disorders are already under development.

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