Instructions for use

Precautions and warnings
·         Do not use SleepStrip if you have a cold, a
congested nose, or any other type of respiratory
       tract ailment.
·          Consult your doctor if you develop a rash or
other reaction on your face after using SleepStrip.
 Do not open the SleepStrip package until ready to use.
 Store the unopened SleepStrip in a cool, dry place.
 Do not pause in between steps.
 1. Just before going to sleep, remove the
     SleepStrip and the green sticker from the
 2. Fold the nose sensors forward (figure 1).
 3. Remove the alcohol prep pad from the wrapper,
     and rub the display area (figure 2).
 4. Peel the green sticker off its paper cover and attach
     it firmly to display area (figure 3).
     The red light should turn ON.
 5. Peel the protective paper from the back of the
     SleepStrip and apply the SleepStrip to face (figure 4).
     The red light should turn OFF, and then blink each
     time you exhale.
     (The blinking will stop after approximately 20 minutes)
6. In the morning, remove the SleepStrip
    and return it to your doctor.
    (The red light will turn ON shortly after
    removing SleepStrip® from face.)

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